Let’s Bring This in for a Landing

Do you remember the Yellow Pages? Ah yes, those were the days. If you wanted to order a pizza, rent a U-Haul trailer or find a dentist, you looked up information in the Yellow Pages, and sometimes there might have been a business located nearby. That practice seems so quaint and historic now!

In the not so distant past, organizations shared the same, general “Yellow Pages” information on their websites. In effect, the “landing pages” of businesses used to be like the aforementioned Yellow Pages.

Enter Web 2.0:

Now, when you get on the internet, not only can you select the pizza joint near your house, you can put virtual toppings on it, and you know the exact minute your order comes out of the oven! A similar experience allows you to choose a specific size U-Haul truck or trailer, and you can now request dental appointments online. Of course, these innovations are magnified by social media giants: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, services that help to connect us all.

In that spirit, the ESUCC staff has updated our landing page, linking it to social media sites. Even though the new site is in its incipient stages, we are excited about its potential. These tools will help us tell the Nebraska ESU story and the important work that is accomplished on behalf of the schools we serve. Our goal is to have site visitors experience a smooth landing.

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Kraig J. Lofquist, Ed.D.
ESUCC Executive Director

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