Nebraska’s Canvas Consortium

In June of 2020, the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) announced entering a contract with Instructure to provide its Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) to all Nebraska public and non-public schools and districts. At the time of the announcement, Canvas was already widely used by many Nebraska’s K-12 schools and districts. Canvas is also the current learning management system for Nebraska’s universities and many of its state colleges.

Following the 2020-21 implementation process, sign-up will be offered annually in March only. The next implementation process will begin in March of 2021. Districts or schools that are currently in a Canvas contract will need to wait until their current contract expires before they can sign-up to join the Nebraska Canvas Consortium. A district that chooses to sign-up will be committed for the time remaining in the contract.

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Andrew Easton, ESUCC, discusses with Gary Needham, ESU 9, the support in onboarding and the terminology and functionality of the Learning Management System (LMS) – Canvas.

What is Canvas? It’s a collaborative learning management system platform used to manage online learning—including reporting, resource-sharing, grading, feedback, discussions, content creation, outcomes and tasks. It simplifies teaching and learning by connecting all the digital tools teachers use in one easy place. For more information about the benefits of an LMS, check out this PDF created by NDE “Why a Learning Management System is Useful

For answers to questions that a district or school may have about Nebraska’s Canvas Consortium, please refer to the FAQ’s Document. If you have other questions please contact, Dorann Avey via email at

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