World Languages and the Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy

In this episode, we take a close look at what it means for learners to earn the Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy and how that distinction can be a future academic, career, and financial benefit to students. To explore this topic, we are joined by Chrystal Liu, World Language Specialist with the Nebraska Department of Education, and Nick Ziegler, World Language Coordinator and Tech Integrationist at ESU 5. Together, Chrystal and Nick share a wealth of information that speaks to the amazing work being done to enhance language learning and development across our state.

The Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy Site

Distance Learning Courses on the ESUCC’s NVIS Site

For more on how Distance Learning Courses work in Nebraska, access this testimonial from Barry Schaeffer, Superintendent of Arthur County Schools.

Contact Nick Ziegler at for information on receiving World Language Courses via Distance Learning.


Artificial Intelligence in Education

If you are curious about the future of education and the role technology will play in supporting student learning, this conversation with Dr. Helen Crompton reveals that what many of us might perceive as the future is actually happening now. Dr. Crompton joins us as one of the leaders and coaches for the ISTE+GM Artificial Intelligence Exploration program, and she shares out about how AI is changing the way teachers can support their learners.

You can access the following link for more information on the ISTE+GM AI Explorations program:

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Prairie STEM: Talking Robotics, STEM Kits, Girls in STEAM, eSports, and More

In this episode, Alan Wang, the executive director of the Omaha-based non-profit Prairie STEM, shares out about the myriad of initiatives that Prairie STEM is currently invested in to provide engaging and authentic learning opportunities for all students in Nebraska (and beyond) in the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. This conversation is as informative and it is inspirational, and if you are interested in learning more about Prairie STEM, you can reach them at

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Avenues for Professional Learning in a Digital Age

This week, we are joined by Rachelle Dene Poth, who is a Spanish teacher, national speaker, author, and education technology consultant. In the pod, Rachelle shares her personal love for learning and the many avenues through which she has collaborated with educators from around the world through social platforms. Our conversation looks specifically at the Clubhouse app along with StreamYard as two relatively new ways in which the education community has been able to share ideas and communicate with one another throughout the pandemic.

Nebraska Digital Citizenship Symposium 2021

The Nebraska Educational Service Units (ESUs) held their annual Digital Citizenship Symposium uniquely this year! Like many events, this one had to be revamped because of restrictions due to COVID-19. While the event was not able to happen in person, the outreach was greater than ever because of the flexibility of the online delivery of digital citizenship content. Instead of an in-person event, the Nebraska Educational Service Units hosted a virtual event with online content, games, and a contest for Nebraska students.

The content includes information and activities for grades K-4, 5-6, and 7-12. Karen Haase of KSB School Law, an attorney who normally speaks at the event, recorded videos this year that students and teachers could access online. Teachers may continue to use the content, however and whenever, it fits with instruction. Click on the tiles below for grade level content.

Students were invited to submit a Digital Citizenship poster or a Public Service Announcement communicating something they had learned. Students in grades K-12 submitted entries online and were judged in four grade group categories. Of the 119 contest entries,14 medal winners were selected and announced in March. These winners are highlighted on the website (select the link to the left) and at the Future Ready Conference in June 2021.

The team of ESU leaders who facilitated the event were very pleased with the participation. The Nebraska Digital Citizenship Symposium website was visited over 6,000 times from January through March by people from all over Nebraska and 14 other states! Students in grades 7-12 had the opportunity to earn a certificate of completion for three separate units addressing Cyberbullying, Sexting, and Consequences of Negative Behaviors. Over 1,950 certificates were awarded!

Additional information is available at the NE Digital Citizenship Symposium website. If you have any questions, please contact your ESU or Peg Coover from ESU 10.

Immersive Learning Using AR/VR Technology

This week, The Good Life EDU hosts author, speaker, and ed-tech consultant Jaime Donally for a conversation about immersive learning through augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. Jaime is an educator who never puts the tech before the standards and the learning goals, and she advocates for that approach to tech integration while also sharing her insights on how AR and VR can enrich the learning experience for all students.

In addition to this pod, you can learn from Jaime at the NETA conference where she will be a featured speaker later this month. Also be sure to check out Jaime’s blog/social media campaign for March, #31DaysofARVRinEDU.


For those in our network, check out Jaime’s latest book from the ESUCC PD Library: Quick link for The Immersive Classroom

Or purchase her book, The Immersive Classroom, on Amazon.