ESUCC Nebraska PowerSchool is open for new members anytime during the year with an annual membership of $6000.00 per district.  As the district chooses to be a member, NebPS becomes the district’s Tier 1 PowerSchool support. We are quick to respond to daily phone calls, helpdesk tickets and appointments.  Membership includes workshops, helpful handouts, access to our jitbit knowledge base, one-on-one trainings, ADVISER setup, end-of-year process completion, report writing, and one-on-one ADVISER data review and troubleshooting. NebPS will be your liaison for managing your PowerSchool and communicate with PowerSchool support. 

State Reporting

NebPS takes great pride in district success with state reporting. To assure accurate student, staff, course, section, grade, and behavior data, NebPS works individually with districts to assess and review data and NDE reports. For ADVISER, we setup the new profile and connect each district to the state’s system, then meet individually with each district to complete mappings, and review specific data related to state reporting.  During the spring data review, NebPS meets with each district to discuss attendance, attendance conversions, review attendance codes, etc. that is related to ADVISER. We assists districts in troubleshooting attendance between PowerSchool and ADVISER. 


NebPS completes the initial scheduling setup for each school in every district, preparing them for the scheduling process which includes adding the next school year, promoting students, and completing the scheduling setup. We also host scheduling workdays at specific ESU locations to assist districts with the scheduling process and questions related to PowerScheduler Load/Build process.

Learning Opportunities

NebPS provides weekly learning opportunities for districts via zoom.  Some of the training opportunities include: What’s New in ADVISER, PowerSchool Contacts, PowerSchool Health, PowerTeacher Pro, PowerScheduler, Incident Management and State Reporting, ADVISER specific topics such as Perkins and Career Education, Early Childhood, Special Education. 


There are currently 95 Nebraska school districts in the NebPS Cooperative. Join us, save money and receive the benefits of state-operated Tier 1 support system. Select the button to apply for membership or contact us for more information.

Contact Information

Becky Sosalla, ESUCC – Nebraska PowerSchool

Phone: 402-597-4868



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