Social PD Stories for online learning

The ESUCC #SocialPD stories’ mission is to leverage social media platforms to
initiate, disseminate, educate, and celebrate teaching and learning to impact educators statewide.

What is a #Social PD Story?

A #SocialPD Story is a micro-learning opportunity of 90-seconds or less that delivers content from our ESUPDO members which we turn into a video slideshow and share across our social media platforms. Watch the video above for more info about #SocialPD Stories.

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Link to YouTube channel plalylist

For examples and a complete list of our past topics, access the #SocialPD Stories playlist on our YouTube channel.

How to Write A #SocialPD Story

ESUPDO members are encouraged to submit content for a #SocialPD Story in the form on this page. The form will prompt contributors to write a title and the content for up to ten frames (think of these as slides) that collectively develop the overall concept over a series of sentence-or-two-long statements (with the option for also incorporating things like a brief list, quote, call to action, etc.). For more ideas on how to write a #SocialPD Story, watch the video above.

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