Student Records System (SRS)

Nebraska’s advanced, responsive, online student record-keeping system creates, manages, stores, and transfers records.

Developed, owned, and operated by the Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council by Nebraskans for Nebraskans, SRS is an ideal choice for our schools.

Listen to our ESUCC GoodLife Podcast aired July 23, 2021, for background and updates on SRS and special education.

SRS Highlights & Features

A partnership between ESUs and the Nebraska Department of Education helped start the SRS system in 2001. As a result, SRS provides support for NDE special education monitoring.
SRS features an automated reporting of data to Nebraska’s ADVISER data system that is specific to the Nebraska Department of Education Rules 51 and 52.
SRS delivers an efficient way for forms to be updated and is “designed to reasonably lead users to compliance” for all districts using the system. KSB School Law, a leading school law firm in Nebraska, recommends SRS because it promotes better compliance than other solutions available.
Participating districts can securely and efficiently transfer records to each other allowing transferred students to expediently continue their education plans from one district to another as a student changes enrollment.
SRS management features are available to ESU and district SPED directors. These include access level, district data, school settings, progress report dates, etc.
SRS supports 25+ IDEA forms tailored to Nebraska requirements and regulations. Printed forms feature a consistent look from one district to another.
An SRS advisory board meets quarterly and guides the site’s development which includes feedback from the end users.

NDE special education representatives are invited to participate in these quarterly meetings.
Continual improvements and updates are created and tested by local support to improve the user experience for case managers and administrators alike.
A dedicated help desk staff is there to assist with any problems.
or 402-597-4994 
with questions or for more information.