The Power of Edpuzzle to Enhance Teaching and Learning

This week, Quim Sabrià, the co-founder and CEO of the ed tech tool Edpuzzle, joins us on the pod to share the ways in which Edpuzzle can add accountability and engagement when learners are assigned instructional video content. Our conversation spans everything from Quim’s personal story from classroom teacher to CEO to the nuances of how. teachers might use Edpuzzle in their class. We also delve into how Edpuzzle can enhance learning both in the remote setting and also when we return to our future, new normal.

A NRCSA + ESU Effort to Support Schools with Remote Learning

In this episode, NRCSA’s executive director Jack Moles, ESU 6 Administrator John Skretta, and Superintendent of Gibbon Public Schools Vernon Fisher join us to discuss their most recent collaborative efforts to develop remote learning supports for rural Nebraska schools. Our conversation provides the backstory and vision behind the initiative, a detailed look at the work currently being done, and a preview of what districts can expect to see from this work. Listen to the episode and select the tiles for the remote learning resources.