Digital Citizenship for Teachers

This module is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to adopt appropriate practices and provide leadership.

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The whole module takes approximately 20-30 minutes (about 5-8 minutes per section).

A printable/downloadable certificate is generated upon completion of the entire module. Plan on completed all sections in one setting as progress is not saved!

Special thanks to Laurie Kerr (ESU3) for putting the module together and the Nebraska ESU Digital Citizenship workgroup for curating resources.

Module Topics:

  • Student Data Privacy: Ways for teachers to ensure student data privacy for both in-person activities and remote settings
  • Copyright for Remote Learning: How teachers can remain compliant with copyright guidelines in both in-person and virtual classrooms
  • Video Conferencing Management: Best practices for managing remote instruction through use of video conferences
  • Digital Citizenship in the Classroom: Critical concepts of digital citizenship and the best resources for teachers to provide instruction on this topic
  • Evaluating Digital Information: The how and why of evaluating digital resources to develop and promote civic online reasoning

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