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About Swank – Movie Licensing
Swank Movie Licensing provides Public Performance Site Licensing to K-12 schools and public libraries on behalf of the major Hollywood motion picture studios. In addition to providing peace of mind, this license insures that the legal requirement is met when entertainment movies are used in these public venues.

According to Federal Copyright Law, a movie license is required anytime a school shows a movie for entertainment purposes such as: Family Movie Nights / Fundraising Events, Before/ After Care, Student Rewards / Incentives, Indoor Recess / Holidays, Summer Camps, or Staffing Emergencies.

In addition to fulfilling a legal requirement, Swank Movie Licensing also provides promotional materials to help promote your events, fun family night ideas, as well as fundraising activities to share with your staff.

The Public Performance Site License covers each site individually. Therefore, each separate school building requires a license. If you have questions on whether or not your schools are considered separate sites, please contact Swank Motion Pictures to ensure proper coverage.

To receive State Level pricing schools must renew between February 1 and May 15 of each year.  Otherwise school districts may contact the Movie Licensing USA representative listed below to purchase a license until the next enrollment period is open.  Billing will come from ESU Coordinating Council (ESUCC) and PO’s should be made out to ESUCC.

Did You Know you can add on K12 Streaming?

Swank K-12 Streaming makes it easy for teachers to assign films through any LMS, including Google Classroom, Schoology and Blackboard.  Learn More

Swank Motion Pictures has been licensing & distributing film since 1937.  Driven by longstanding partnerships with the best studios in the world, we bring more movies and TV shows to more people in more places than anyone else.

You are familiar with Swank through Swank Movie Licensing USA, the Public Performance site license that covers your school for non-teaching movie screenings.  We are excited to announce a separate resource that is now available for teachers to use in their classrooms, Swank K12 Streaming, a film library for education! 


About Swank K-12 Streaming

Swank K-12 Streaming is a convenient and controlled, streaming platform that makes it easy for teachers to incorporate films into lesson plans. The library includes access to thousands of feature films, documentaries and foreign films for teachers to use for educational support. 

The content is curated specifically for educators based on the movies they need for lessons, and provides access both inside the classroom or for assignments outside of the classroom.  Browse one of the curated collections here: https://www.swank.com/k-12-streaming/bucket/16077-top-district-films-

In addition to the curated collection, your teachers can search through thousands of films and indicate additional films they would like added to the streaming portal.  Watch this short 3 minute video to walk through the platform and learn about the request feature: https://swank.hubs.vidyard.com/watch/Z9mC2PJJjPZNQxiNDUxidN?autoplay=1

Benefits of Swank K12 Streaming Include:

  • Eliminate the need for DVD players in classrooms
  • Enable streaming access for districts blocking personal streaming sites
  • Extend the classroom with assignment through any LMS and SSO integration

Swank K12 Streaming does not include a public performance site license to show movies outside of education.  A site license through Swank Movie Licensing USA is still required for non-educational movie screenings taking place inside the school.


Supplier Information

Homepage Swank Motion Pictures – Movie Licensing USA – K-12 Streaming
Phone 877-321-1300
Fax 877-876-9873
Address 10795 Watson Road

St. Louis, MO 63127
Classifications No Minimum Order

Contract Information

Cooperative Name ESUCC
Contract Name Public Performance, K-12 Streaming
Contract Number Swank Motion Pictures 2021-2025
Lead Agency ESU Coordinating Council
Contract Term 03/20/2016 – 02/28/2025
Categories Digital Resources
Instructional Materials
Public Performance Rights


Lowest possible yearly renewal.

Pricing and How to Order

Place Order in ESUCC Marketplace

Deadline: May 15, orders must be received by this date otherwise districts will have to order direct through Swank at their regular price.
Invoices: ESUCC will invoice your district for all orders placed within the district after the order deadline and once ESUCC receives an invoice from Swank.

The Public Performance Site License covers each site individually. Therefore, each separate school building requires a license. If you have questions on whether or not your schools are considered separate sites, please contact your Swank Sales representative to ensure proper coverage.

Be sure to note each school building name on your order with its corresponding enrollment.