NoodleTools, Inc


Designed by educators, NoodleTools is an online platform promoting authentic research and original writing. Students and teams can collaborate in real-time, using integrated tools for source evaluation and citation, note-taking and outlining. Students produce accurate MLA, APA and Chicago-style citations, assisted by intelligent import of database metadata as well as expert help from NoodleTools librarians. Scaffolded notecards prompt original analysis and ideas. Students tag and pile notecards, then organize them into an outline to jump-start writing. Teachers can view and provide targeted feedback directly into student work throughout the research process.

Supplier Information

Phone 650-561-4071
Fax 650-618-1911
Address P.O. Box 60214

Palo Alto, CA 94306-0214

Contract Information

Cooperative Name ESUCC
Contract Name NoodleTools, Inc
Contract Number NoodleTools, Inc SB 2021-2024
Lead Agency ESU Coordinating Council
Contract Term 11/17/2021 – 09/01/2024
Categories Digital Resources