Innovative Office Solutions Punchout


Innovative Office Solutions will be providing genuine OEM HP toner and ink cartridges. 

All shipments will be shipped free of freight charges with no minimum order requirements. 

Innovative Office Solutions will be offering these cartridges on a two-tier program as listed in Exhibit B.  The first tier will be HP Big Deal pricing which will be offered to all members.  The second tier will be deeper discounting which will be offered to members who meet requirements set by HP as noted in Exhibit B.


As a Platinum Partner of HP and a current vendor for the Nebraska ESUCC,  Innovative would like to propose a two-tier OEM HP pricing program.  The Program will offer better everyday pricing for all members and even deeper discounting for members who chose to participate and meet the HP requirements of this program.


The goal is to provide Nebraska ESUCC members with additional member value by providing OEM HP ink and toner cartridges to all members at better prices.


The first tier or the everyday pricing is an HP Big Deal for the Cooperative averaging between 8% – 12% lower pricing than competitive street pricing.  Pricing is good for one year.  There is no obligation or commitment to be on this program. 

The second tier is our HP Premier Select program which is available to those members who meet the two requirements HP has for this program.  Members must sign an agreement with Innovative and install a Data Collection Agent (DCA) onto their network.  This program is 30% – 60% better than competitive street pricing.  The program pricing is locked in for 5 years.  A school can opt out of the agreement at any time with 30 days written notice.  This program also helps drive purchases to high yield cartridges which provides a lower cost per page.  The program also has jumbo yield cartridges which are only available through HP programs like this.  Additionally, HP printers, PM kits, fuser rollers, and other additional HP printer products are available at significant discounting on this program.


OEM HP 05A, item # HEWCE505A

Competitive Street Price: S100.99
Big Deal Price: $85.25
Premier Select Price: $41.82

Contract Information

Cooperative Name ESUCC
Lead Agency ESU Coordinating Council (ESUCC)
Contract Term 05/16/2018 – 01/31/2023
Categories Classroom Supplies
Copier/Cut Paper
Custodial Supplies
Facilities and Grounds
Maintenance & Shop Supplies
Office/School Supplies
Personal Protective Equipment
Print & Promotional
Toner/Ink Jet