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E-Rate Central provides E-rate consulting, compliance, and forms processing services for E-rate applicants. To learn more, please contact us by phone (516) 801-7880 or e-mail.

Tel/Logic Inc. d.b.a. E-Rate Central was established in 1997 for the sole purpose of helping schools, school districts, and libraries to successfully navigate the complex and time-consuming rules and procedures of the Federal E-rate Program. E-Rate Central is involved in all aspects of the E-rate program at the local, state and national level.  Part of E-Rate Central’s philosophy is that one solution does not fit all situations and may not be appropriate for all school districts. Our objective, working within program guidelines, is to provide the maximum amount of options for our clients. We also are not reluctant to advocate for the modification of rules when that appears to best address program inequities or conflicts with local rules and practices. The overriding goal that drives our organization is simple: make the E-rate program work for our clients. 

  • We are a nationally recognized and respected firm.
  • Our reputation is for providing honest, expert, and timely support to our E-rate clients.
  • Our primary business is to provide application, administrative, compliance, auditing, appeal, document retention, and program management services.

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Supplier Information

Homepage e-ratecentral.com/
Email https://e-ratecentral.com/Contact-Us
Phone (877) 801-7880
Address 400 Post Ave Suite 410

Westbury, NY 11590-2291

Contract Information

Cooperative Name AEPA
Contract Name ERate Consulting Services
Contract Number AEPA 021.5C ERate Consulting Services
Lead Agency ESU Coordinating Council
Contract Term 03/01/2021 – 05/31/2023
Categories E-rate Consulting

Pricing and How to Order

Contact an E-Rate Central Consultant and mention contract# ERate Central 2021.5-C through ESUCC/AEPA

Once you connect with E-Rate Central, they will go over the proposal, agreement, and contract processes.