Avenues for Professional Learning in a Digital Age

This week, we are joined by Rachelle Dene Poth, who is a Spanish teacher, national speaker, author, and education technology consultant. In the pod, Rachelle shares her personal love for learning and the many avenues through which she has collaborated with educators from around the world through social platforms. Our conversation looks specifically at the Clubhouse app along with StreamYard as two relatively new ways in which the education community has been able to share ideas and communicate with one another throughout the pandemic.

Career & Technical Education in Nebraska and the reVision Action Grant

This week on the pod, we welcomed Sydney Kobza, the Assistant State Director for CTE with the Nebraska Department of Education, for a chat about the latest in career & technical education in our state. In this episode, we explore the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the extraordinary efforts being made to continue to provide quality learning experiences and statewide competitions despite the challenges of the present time. Our conversation also delves into the details about the DTE reVision Action grant, which can be applied for at https://www.education.ne.gov/nce/action-grant/

Immersive Learning Using AR/VR Technology

This week, The Good Life EDU hosts author, speaker, and ed-tech consultant Jaime Donally for a conversation about immersive learning through augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. Jaime is an educator who never puts the tech before the standards and the learning goals, and she advocates for that approach to tech integration while also sharing her insights on how AR and VR can enrich the learning experience for all students.

In addition to this pod, you can learn from Jaime at the NETA conference where she will be a featured speaker later this month. Also be sure to check out Jaime’s blog/social media campaign for March, #31DaysofARVRinEDU.


For those in our network, check out Jaime’s latest book from the ESUCC PD Library: Quick link for The Immersive Classroom

Or purchase her book, The Immersive Classroom, on Amazon.

Insights on Educator Effectiveness and Development from the NDE SEED Team

In this episode of The Good Life EDU podcast, the NDE SEED Team is back to share an update on their work with revising the teacher and principal effectiveness standards for Nebraska. This pod delves into personal insights and stories from each of the SEED Team members that helps communicate the thinking behind their efforts and the heart these leaders have for the admin, teachers, and learners across the state.

Nebraska Principals Make School and Staff Culture a Priority

In this episode, we are joined by Dani Beerbohm, Principal of Bellwood Elementary (David City Public Schools), and Tammy Carlson, Principal of Fullerton Elementary (Fullerton Public Schools), for a conversation on leadership during the pandemic. In the pod, Dani and Tammy delve into their own self-care strategies, their lead by example approach to principalship, and they close the show with several practical ideas for how to improve the culture and morale in their building in the face of these trying times.

Behind-the-Scenes of The Mind Inside, Episode 3

This week we are joined by Sally Nellson Barrett, Andy Marinkovich, and Brittany Mascio of Nebraska Public Schools who give their behind-the-scenes insights on the latest I ❤️ Public Schools film, The Mind Inside, Episode 3. This docuseries explores the landscape of mental health issues in Nebraska’s public schools, with this particular episode focusing on the North Platte Public Schools’ Brandy Buscher (Director of Student Services NPPS) and Officer Jay Johnson (School Resource Officer NPPS) in their efforts to support the students they serve.

Click here to view The Mind Inside, Episode 3: https://iloveps.org/films/the-mind-inside-episode-three

Black History Month, NE Social Studies Standards, and the Integration of Marginalized Voices

On this week’s pod, Ebony McKiver, a social studies education specialist with the Nebraska Department of Education, joins us for a discussion on Black History Month, on the NE social studies standards, and how teachers might approach their work in a way that integrates marginalized voices into the curriculum.

Resource Referenced in the Show: https://www.education.ne.gov/socialstudies/

Past Episode with Lori Broady on the NE Social Studies Standards: August 24 Podcast

Digital Citizenship and Fostering Digital Leaders

In this episode, Jennifer Casa-Todd, author, speaker, and teacher-librarian at Cardinal Carter CHS in Aurora, Ontario, joins us to share her expertise and insights on the topic of digital citizenship. Jennifer’s message promotes that educators think about this work not simply as a list of things students should avoid doing, and instead look to foster digital leadership skills in the students they serve. You can learn more from Jennifer at https://jcasatodd.com/.

Additionally, the Nebraska ESUCC is currently promoting a Digital Citizenship competition where students are being asked to share a PSA or poster that helps to educate others on the topic of Digital Citizenship. For more info and the entry form, access this link bit.ly/NEDigCit2021.

Personalized Learning and Developing Independent Learners

In this episode, Tricia Pettis and Kaela Loo of Edina Public Schools in Minneapolis, Minnesota join us for a conversation on their work with personalized learning and their approach to helping learners develop the capacity to learn independently. Edina Public Schools was the recipient of the 2019 Trailblazer Award at the National Convening for Personalized Learning, and in this pod, Tricia and Kaela share about the work being done in their district before the pandemic and also how that has influenced their approach to delivering remote teaching and learning during this time.

NETA’s Ongoing Support of Education Throughout the Pandemic

In this episode, Julie Moore, the Executive Director for NETA, joins us for a conversation on the multitude of efforts the NETA organization has made and is making to support education in our state throughout the pandemic. The pod captures the NETA board’s vision for supporting education and illustrates how that leadership group has held true to that mission despite the challenges facing everyone in education over the course of the past year.

To learn more about NETA, checkout their website at:  https://netasite.org/