Universal Design for Learning

Katie Novak joins us for a great conversation on Universal Design for Learning and the role those practices can play in the MTSS model in this episode of The Good Life EDU podcast! For more on UDL and the work Katie has elevated, check out her site at https://www.novakeducation.com/

Personalized Learning, Virtual Reality, and the Future of Education

This week, Dr. James Rickabaugh, the Former Director and now Senior Advisor for the Institute for Personalized Learning, joins us for a fascinating conversation that takes a deep look at personalization and its place in education today and moving forward. In this episode, Dr. Rickabaugh also entertains the future impact of virtual reality and artificial intelligence on education as technology continues to advance.

The Nebraska Canvas Consortium

In this episode, Dorann Avey, the Digitial Learning Director with NDE, and Shara Johnson, Digital Learning Coordinator at ESU 2, join us to share the history, current work, and vision for the future of the Canvas Consortium in Nebraska. Learn how Canvas is having a profound impact on learning in our state and how you can get your local school, district, or institution involved. For questions, please contact: necanvas@esu2.org

Listen here to the GoodLife Podcast!

A Chat About the Book “Things I Wish … Knew”

In this episode of The Good Life EDU podcast, we are joined by author and educator Rachelle Dene Poth for a conversation about her latest book, “Things I Wish … Knew.” On the pod, Rachelle shares the backstory of this project and advocates for the importance of being a connected educator with a growth mindset. If you are interested in more information about the book, you can find it on Rachelle’s site at https://rdene915.com.

"Things I Wish [...] Knew" (ebook) cover

ESU staff can check out the ebook from the ESUCC PD Library.

Participatory Culture, Social Media, and Games in Education

This week, the great games-in-education guru, Dr. Paul Darvasi, is back on the show to discuss the topic of participatory culture and its impact on education today. The conversation delves into how educators might leverage engagement strategies and techniques found in social media and games to engage students and enhance the learning experience design for our Gen Z learners. Paul also shares about his recent venture, Gold Bug Interactive, which you can learn more about at https://goldbuginteractive.com/.

What Eduroam Can Do for Nebraska Schools and Students

This week, Bill Pulte of ESU 3 makes his third appearance on The Good Life EDU and explains what Eduroam is and the potential benefits of their services for Nebraska schools and the learners that they serve. Eduroam’s impact on cyber security is notable and will also enhance student internet access, which makes this conversation a valuable listen for any and all educators in our state.

What Is Passion-Based Teaching?

In this episode of The Good Life EDU podcast, Andi McNair, Digital Innovation Specialist at ESC Region 12 in Texas and author of the books, Genius Hour and A Meaningful Mess, joins us to discuss how we might apply what we know about PBL, passion-based learning, to our approach to professional development in education. Andi advocates for PBT, passion-based teaching, on the pod and outlines the steps teachers might take in order to reignite their passion for the work that they do. At the close of our conversation, Andi points listeners to consider joining her Passion-Based Teaching Academy, which is set to start on February 2nd, 2022, and run through the end of April. Link to more information: Here

The ESUCC Social Studies Special Project

This episode captures the backstory and present collaborative efforts being made by our ESU colleagues across Nebraska to develop and share high-quality instructional materials for social studies, grades 4-8. The pod features Lori Broady, leader of the SDA Social Studies cadre, and Nick Ziegler, co-leader of the TLT affiliate, as they discuss the Why, How, and What regarding this work. The call to action for this conversation is to invite current social studies teachers in Nebraska to apply to be a part of this initiative. To receive an application, please contact Andrew Easton at aeaston@esucc.org directly if you or someone you know is interested in being a part of this fun and unique opportunity.

The ESUs’ Impact Series: Special Education Services – Episode 4

In this episode, we are joined by four different educators from across our ESU network as they share about the work they do on behalf of the students and school systems that they serve in our state. The pod opens with a conversation about paraprofessionals with ESU 9’s Joe Haney. Part two of the pod takes us to the ESU 4 region where Sally Schreiner explains the unique partnership between ESU 4 and NDE that supports the Nebraska Center for the Education of Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired. Part three features Jean Anderson of ESU 10 and Brittany Shackleton of ESU 2 as they explain Part C services, Part B services, and the supports that the ESU special services provide learners with special needs from birth to age 21.

The ESUs’ Impact Series: Staff Development Affiliate – Episode 3

In this episode, Kellen Conroy of ESU 1, Marci Ostmeyer of ESU 7, and Alison Smith of ESU 16 share about the work being done by the ESU staff development affiliate in our state. The pod begins with Kellen explaining what SDA is and how it functions as an intermediary between the Nebraska Department of Education and the local districts. Marci Ostmeyer then joins us for part two of the episode to discuss the ESU SIMPL process, which is instrumental in helping districts self-assess, identify, and then address (with ESU support) the needs in their respective systems. Finally, Alison Smith goes into further detail regarding the day-to-day life of an SDA member in support of the diverse needs of the numerous districts her ESU supports.