The NE ESUCC Digital Citizenship Symposium: A Statewide Event That’s Part of an International Community

In this episode, we welcome Peg Coover of ESU 10, co-leader of the Digital Citizenship Symposium effort statewide, to preview the upcoming live and in-person DigCit event on October 16th. We are also joined by this year’s keynote speaker Dr. Marialice BFX Curran, who shares her heart for this important topic and what attendees can expect from the event.

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Bold Gratitude Ideas for Cultivating a Grateful Disposition

Education speaker and author Lainie Rowell joins The Good Life EDU Podcast this week with an uplifting message and a number of great ideas for fostering and maintaining an attitude of gratitude. Lainie recently released Bold Gratitude, an interactive journal that serves as a practical companion to her book, Evolving with Gratitude: Small Practices in Learning Communities That Make a Big Difference with Kids, Peers, and the World, and she shares insights and examples from that project on the pod. We ourselves are grateful to Lainie for sharing on the show as there’s no time like the start of a school year to effectively integrate new strategies into the rhythms of the day!

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How Educators Can Use Generative AI in Support of UDL and Inclusion

This week on The Good Life EDU Podcast, we welcome Dr. Kathryn Nieves Licwinko to discuss how generative AI technology can help educators reach all learners and design experiences that account for learner variability. We explore how teachers can use generative AI to enhance and expedite their efforts to apply a universal design to learning (UDL). UDL is a framework that helps educators make learning accessible to all students, regardless of their abilities or learning styles.

Dr. Licwinko has extensive experience in developing and implementing generative AI ideas and strategies for educators. To continue to learn from her, listeners can visit her website at

Supporting Nebraska’s High Ability Learners and HAL Educators

In this episode of The Good Life EDU Podcast, Sheyanne Smith, who is the High Ability Learning Specialist for Nebraska’s Department of Education, joins us to speak about the present efforts to build upon and enhance services for Nebraska’s H.A.L. students. We also discuss resources and support for the H.A.L. educators who teach and lead in those spaces.

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How to Transform Your Next Staff Meeting Through Culture-Building Collaboration

Speaker, author, and all-around edu-rockstar, Allyson Apsey, joins The Good Life EDU Podcast this week to share ideas for school leaders who are looking to take their staff meetings to a whole new level this school year. Allyson explains the structure of her most recent book, Lead with Collaboration: A Complete Guide to Transforming Staff Meetings, and details easily implemented, practical strategies for each main section of the text. This episode is a must-listen for all educators who facilitate staff meetings and professional learning throughout the year.

For more info and resources visit: Lead with Collaboration – A Complete Guide for Transforming Staff Meetings

Is the Use of Generative A.I. Plagiarism? Education Attorney Justin Knight Weighs in on A.I. Policies in Schools

In this episode, we welcome Justin Knight, an attorney with Perry Law Firm, to discuss several AI-related topics and potential concerns that school districts and their educators should look to address as they establish policies and practices for the use of AI. Justin brings a great perspective and a wealth of experience with education law to this conversation. We focus on generative AI and how things like intellectual property rights, copyright law, and the crafting of a school plagiarism policy are all being challenged as this technology continues to evolve.

For more on how to cite a generative AI site as a source, visit How do I cite generative AI in MLA style? | MLA Style Center

If you are looking to extend your learning on AI, here’s an article that points to five free courses you can take to learn more about artificial intelligence: 5 Free Online AI Classes.

Talking All Things Rural Education with NREA’s Executive Director, Dr. Allen Pratt

The National Rural Education Association is a strong and respected organization of rural school administrators, teachers, board members, regional service agency personnel, researchers, business and industry representatives, and others who are interested in maintaining the vitality of rural school systems across the country. In this episode, NREA’s executive director, Dr. Allen Pratt, joins the podcast to talk about the NREA’s current work, the present challenges facing rural education in America, and the innovative and collaborative efforts being made to address them. We also chat about the myriad of ways in which NREA helps keep rural educators connected and informed.

To learn more about NREA (and to register for their annual conference), visit National Rural Education Association

How LPS Library Services Shares Student Stories Through “The Seat Beside You” Series

In this episode, Dr. Chris Haeffner with Lincoln Public Schools shares how LPS Library Services are connecting with students and their families to tell their stories through the video series, “The Seat Beside You.” This conversation illustrates Chris’ heart for helping students feel seen and understood. We also discuss how these brief windows into the lives of LPS learners can enhance the level of empathy and understanding that educators and students alike feel toward others in their school community.

To learn more, access LPS Library Services at The Seat Beside You (

Support for the Fine Arts in Nebraska Schools

In this episode of The Good Life EDU Podcast, Cody Talarico of NDE and Anne Alston of the Nebraska Arts Council for discussion about the Fine Arts in Nebraska and a unique grant opportunity for public schools statewide to receive funding for materials. This conversation highlights the collaborative efforts of NDE and the Nebraska Arts Council toward ensuring that learners have the resources they need to learn and grow in the Fine Arts.

For more information about the grant, visit Fine Arts Education – Nebraska Department of Education or reach out via email to

Cody Talarico can be reached via email at 

Anne Alston can be reached via email at

Visit the Nebraska Arts Council to learn more about their work and for information on additional grant opportunities.

Classroom-Tested Tips for Teaching Learners About Generative AI

In this episode of The Good Life EDU Podcast, Heather Brantley of Pine Tree ISD in Longview, Texas joins us to share her experiences and insights about utilizing artificial intelligence as an educator and teaching her students about AI and generative AI. Heather’s energy and passion for this work are contagious. On the pod, she advocates for all educators to connect and collaborate with one another in our shared effort to support learners with the new landscape for learning that AI provides.

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