The Buffett Early Childhood Institute Shares About the Transition to Kindergarten Toolkit

In this episode, Monica Wells and Alyssa Anson of the Buffett Early Childhood Institute join us to talk about their work to connect and support early childhood care and education providers, schools and kindergarten educators, and families as they onboard learners to the kindergarten experience. Listeners can expect to learn about and receive access to a set of toolkits and resources to support this transition. In the pod, Monica and Alyssa frame the Why behind this work and the need for this effort on behalf of kids.

For more about the Buffett Early Childhood Institute’s Preschool Development Grant, access

Visit the Nebraska Department of Education’s Office of Early Childhood page to download the toolkits and resources. Those materials can be found at

Prioritizing Cognition in Nebraska’s World Languages Standards

Chrystal Liu, world languages specialist at NDE, and Nick Ziegler, world languages coordinator and tech integrationist at ESU 5, join us for an episode dedicated to Nebraska’s World Languages Standards. This discussion highlights the 2019 prioritization of five standard strands that focus on communication, culture, connections, communities, and cognition. On the pod, Chrystal and Nick also explain how educators came together this past summer to create a differentiated set of student-facing, self-assessment checklists to promote learner engagement and metacognition.

You can find access to the standards and also the self-assessment checklists at

NE’s Digital Citizenship Symposium & What’s N.E.X.T. with Blended Learning

This is a fun and informative conversation that shares about two efforts in Nebraska to support teaching and learning with technology. Peg Coover of ESU 10 takes the lead in the first half of the pod as she explains the history, current work, materials, and contest opportunities that Nebraska’s ESU Digital Citizenship group provides. In the second half of the pod, Eileen Heller of ESU 3 describes the recent efforts of the blended learning workgroup towards living out their new purpose statements. Those efforts include the “What’s N.E.X.T. with Blended Learning” live show, which airs across the ESUCC’s social media pages at 9:30 am CT on the last Tuesday of each month. Regardless of whether you live in or outside of Nebraska, this episode offers great ideas and avenues for new learning that we hope you find useful and enjoy!


Access our ESUCC live shows on our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube sites.

Access the ESU’s Digital Citizenship Symposium (Resources) and Contest at

Here’s a document that highlights the history of the ESUCC’s efforts with Blended Learning

Here’s the impact study that illustrates the data derived from that initiative.

Here’s the blended learning rubric referenced in the episode.

You can watch the first episode of the What’s N.E.X.T. with Blended Learning live show here.

For more information, please contact us via our website at

Threat Assessment 2022-23

Threat Assessment 2022-23

NDE School Safety and Security Image

This K-12 school team training will help your school form or enhance the team that will focus on identifying, assessing and managing the risk/threat of violence posed by students, staff, and community members toward the school community.

Schools are encouraged to participate with a team of at least 4 members (e.g., administrators, faculty/staff, security or law enforcement partner, and mental health partner). Teams will leave the workshop with sample protocols to adapt for use in their school environment.

Trainers: Dr. Mario Scalora & Dr. Denise Bulling

Contact: Deb Hericks | (402) 597-4843 |

Training Reimbursement

This reimbursement opportunity is grant funded and intended to support attendance for approved Threat Assessment Trainings. The district can be reimbursed for hotel, sub, mileage, etc. for up to five team members.

Dates and Locations

Basic – Threat Assessment

  • January 18-19, 2023
  • June 13-14, 2023
    • ESU 7 – 2657 44th Ave, Columbus, NE 68601 plus Zoom
    • Registration
  • August 7-8, 2023
    • ESU 2 – 2320 North Colorado Fremont, NE 68026-0649
    • Registration

The objectives for this two-day training include:

  • Identify and use the principles of threat assessment and management in school settings
  • Demonstrate effective strategies for assessing risk
  • Formulate strategies for monitoring and managing risk
  • Describe effective threat assessment and management protocols appropriate for school settings
  • Apply principles of threat assessment and management to case examples

Level 2 – Threat Communication

  • February 1, 2023
    • ESU 9 – 5807 Osborne Drive, Hastings plus Zoom
    • Registration
  • August 10, 2023

Prerequisite: Need to have taken Threat Assessment – Level I Training

  • Dealing with assessment challenges
  • Assessing emerging issues related to threat assessment (e.g., extremism, social media, mental illness)
  • Managing cases over time
  • Coordinating management strategies with community resources

Level 3 – Threat Management

  • December 9, 2022
  • March 22, 2023
    • ESU 17 – 207 North Main Str., Ainsworth plus Zoom
    • Registration
  • June 15, 2023
    • ESU 6 – 210 5th St, Milford, NE 68405 plus zoom
    • Registration

Prerequisite: Need to have taken Threat Assessment – Level I Training

During this one-day training, participants will explore practical threat management strategies for use in school settings. Different interventions will be discussed that are appropriate for use with students or adults/staff.

Effective interventions are built on good information and feedback that can be difficult to obtain due to privacy or legal barriers. Training will include strategies for addressing these barriers.

Participants will enhance their ability to obtain good information via interactions with subjects, witnesses, and targets by enhanced elicitation skill building activities.

See the flyer below to download and share with your school.