A Conversation with Brandon Mowinkel on School Culture and Ed Leadership, A Future Ready Nebraska Conference Preview

Brandon Mowinkel, principal at Milford Jr/SR High School in Milford, Nebraska, joins us for the pod to preview his message for his keynote and breakout sessions at the upcoming Future Ready Nebraska Conference. In this episode, Brandon shares insights about the culture at Milford and the guiding principles that have led his school, staff, and students through his tenure there.

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On Cyber Security in Education

Andy Boell of the Northeast Network Nebraska Consortium and Gary Needham of ESU 9 join us on the pod this week for a conversation on the topic of cyber security in education. In this episode, Andy and Gary provide insights regarding the current work being done to thwart cyber attacks on Nebraska schools. They also spend some time advocating for where this work could go next to ensure that information stays secure.

Dan Schnoes on AESA, the Association of Educational Service Agencies

This week, Dr. Dan Schnoes, the chief executive officer of Nebraska’s ESU 3 shares about his new appointment to the Executive Board of AESA, the Association of Educational Service Agencies. In this episode, Dr. Schnoes provides insight into the role ESAs play broadly in the US while also underscoring AESA’s efforts to lead, grow, advocate, and connect agencies to one another and the larger conversations happening in our country.

For more on AESA, check out their website at aesa.us

A Conversation with Elissa Malespina on School Librarians, A Future Ready Nebraska Conference Preview

The Good Life EDU podcast is back again this week with yet another preview from a Future Ready Nebraska Conference featured speaker! Award-winning school librarian and school board member, Elissa Malespina, joins us to share her insights on the important role school librarians play in supporting learning and school culture.

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The NDE SEED Team on Educator Evaluations

In this episode, Kim Snyder and Ryan Ricenbaw of the NDE SEED Team invite school attorney and education advocate Bobby Truhe to join them for a discussion on teacher and principal evaluation practices. This conversation encourages a mindset shift when it comes to evaluation, emphasizing educator support and development over mere compliance to a prescribed checklist of basic standards.

A Conversation with John Spencer on Choice and Voice, A Future Ready Nebraska Conference Preview

In this episode, educator, author, and speaker John Spencer joins us to preview his upcoming keynote message and afternoon workshop that he will deliver at this year’s Future Ready Nebraska Conference on June 13th and 14th, 2022. John shares on the topic of choice and voice along with advocating for frameworks such as project-based learning and genius hour.

If you’re interested in participating in the Future Ready Nebraska Conference, you can register to join in-person or remotely at https://nefutureready.com/

For additional info, resources, blogs, and more from John Spencer check out https://spencerauthor.com/blog/

The NDE SEED Team on the Upcoming Educator Effectiveness Summit

This episode is the third of five pods we are hosting with the NDE SEED Team on their work with the Nebraska Teacher and Principal Performance Standards (NTPPS). Julie Downing, Kim Snyder, and Ryan Ricenbaw join us this week to discuss the upcoming Educator Effectiveness Summit on June 16 & 17, 2022.

Special Services in Support of Student Mental Health

In this episode, we feature ESU 9’s efforts to support the mental health and wellness of the students in their region through their special services, specifically discussing their LIMHP and LMHP supports. Joe Haney, the Director of Special Services at ESU 9, along with Liesel Hogan, a licensed independent mental health practitioner at ESU 9, speak to their experiences serving and supporting schools in this critical area of education.

An Education-Centered Recap of Nebraska’s 2022 Legislative Session

In this week’s episode, Dr. John Skretta, administrator of ESU 6 and all-around ed advocate in our state, joins the show to provide a detailed summary of the education-related legislation that was passed into law during the 2022 session in Nebraska.

For information specific to each bill, you can follow the timestamps associated with each in the notes below.

Legislative Bill #: Time in the Episode

LB 852: 20:18

LB 1112: 22:25

LB 1143 & 1146: 27:45

LB 1034: 29:52

LB 1218: 32:14

LB 945: 35:47

LR 374: 38:51

LR 397: 40:40

LR 401: 41:10

Personalized Professional Learning, Engagement, and Games in EDU

What a fun episode this week as Alison Smith of ESU 16 and Mellissa Donohoe of Mullen Public Schools joined us to share their story of how our ESUs support professional learning in Nebraska with personalized professional learning. In this episode, Mellissa explains how she capitalized upon her PLC’s learning and implemented strategies that enhanced engagement, learner motivation, and the culture in her business class.